2 Award Certificate Templates

Award certificate gives to the person to reward the person then he passed some exams or for the specific achievements. The award certificate used to recognize the person for his or her work. It also used as a tool of motivation for the people to work with more dedication and interest. The companies give an award certificate to its employees for giving the best performance and for accomplishing the goals within a specified period of time. The students also received awards certificate when they get an award certificate for their achievements in school activities. The individual also a received the award certificate for their social actives when they do good for society.  Here we have some award certificate in fully editable Microsoft word format. If you want to give an awards certificate for appreciating them, don’t worry, this site will helps you. You just have to click the download button and after download, you have to edit it according to your requirement.

How to make award certificate?

The designing of award certificate is not an easy task, but with the help of instruction as under you can design your own award certificate template.

  • First of all you have to think about the reason why and what is the reason behind designing the award certificate template. Write about the reason at the top of the page and it must be in center e.g. “award certificate for Employee of the year”
  • The company logo and name must be there in the certificate.
  • After that write the name of the person who received this award certificate.
  • The date of giving an award certificate must be there on the certificate.
  • You can write something that motives the employee for doing best in future. It may be a motivation and inspiration quote.
  • The amount of wining price must be there, but it’s up to you if you want to write about it you can write,
  • There must be a place for signature and stamp of the authorized person form organization must be at the end of the page.
  • The award certificate has reminded you what you have achieved in the past and what the goals of your future are. So it looks very interesting and dynamic.
  • The colors of award certificate must be according to the nature of the certificate. Mostly certificate is in landscape format in these days.
  • You can use different type of background for award certificates.

Benefits of award certificate template

The award certificate is very beneficial for the companies because when the employer give this award certificate to the employee they feel honored. They will let know their word will recognize and next time they are more motivated for doing work for the organization. The award certificate used as a flue for employees because all employees want to get this award certificate. It increase the environment of competition in the company. Same as employees when the award certificate gives to the sportsmen, it motivates them for giving the best performance in the future. The award certificate gives to the person who perform outstandingly and this performance will recognized by society. The student gets motivated when they received these kind of award certificate.

Download this Award Certificate Template here

Download this Award Certificate Template 2