2 Birthday Wish List Templates

Planning is very important when you are going to arrange some event. Birthday is an important day for everyone. You want to make is memorable for everyone. You want your friends and family will be there to celebrate this beautiful occasion with you and make your day so special. The birthday wish list uses for this purpose, to make the arraignments with proper planning. The birthday list also helpful when you want to remember your friend or family member’s birthday because it’s really difficult to remember all the dates. The birthday list template provides you a complete guideline to wish them on the right day. You have visited this site and you will never regret because we have some beautiful birthday list template with fully editable Microsoft word and excel format that will provide complete help to make your own birthday list. You just have to click the download button and get a file for creating your birthday list template.

How to make a Birthday wish list template?

If you would like to create your own birthday list template you will get complete guideline. You have to follow the tips as bellow:

  • At the start you have to table and rows to enter the months and dates of the months. But you can add the rows and column without month.
  • Use the attractive colors for writing
  • Add the Name and date of birth of your friends and family.
  • Add the list of gift you want to give to your friends and family. We know it is difficult to remember about the choice of friends. This list will help you to find the best gift for your love one.
  • You can also use this birthday list template as a wish list so you can add the wishes in this list for your birthday that what you dream to get on your birthday.
  • Your list must be flexible so you can add or delete anything from this list.
  • Place your birthday list at where you can easily see that and you never forget to wish anyone.

Benefits of birthday wish list template

Our birthday list template will benefit you in different ways, it will help to record all the birthday of family members and friends. You don’t miss anyone while using a birthday list template. When you have already birthday list template you do your work according to it. Birthday list also helpful when you have a shortage of time and you don’t know what you have purchased. This list will help you at the time of purchase. Birthday wish list helps you to complete the special wishes that you want to fulfill on your special day. Whenever you add a new date of birth or remove others, at the end you just need to keep it up to date. Enjoy the birthday bash to the fullest that your family and friends must remember it. And it is only when you prepare a birthday list template so download it, edit it and enjoy.

Download this Birthday Wish List Template 1

Download this Birthday Wish List Template 2