2 Gift Certificate Templates

The gift certificate is something that attracts the people to buy the things of their own choice. It is a simple piece of paper that stores the value of money. You can purchase anything from the authorized shop by according to the value that mention on the gift certificate. The gift certificate also called the gift vouchers. People can purchase a gift certificate template from gift shops when they have no idea what their friend or family member in need. It is just like the credit card that solve you lots of problems in deciding about what to choose from giving gifts. You are not bound to spend all the money at a single time. You can use it on different days. The gift certificate contains the information about beneficiary name and the person who is going to receive this certificate. Every gift certificate has a special number of certificates, the date of expiry of the gift certificate and the date of issue. Here we have some gift certificate template for you in fully editable Microsoft word format which helps you if you want to make any gift certificate for your shop. It will save your time and money. You just have to download and make necessary changes.

How to make gift certificate template?

If you want to start your own business of gift shop we will assist you to design your own certificate. It’s very easy to make the gift certificate template you just have to follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, you have to provide the number for each product of your shop that is used under the gift certificate.
  • You should give them unique code or number so they can’t mix with other products.
  • Give them proper price which is also the value of your gift certificate.
  • You can add the image of your gift on certificate if you want, but it is not necessary because people can get the gift of their own choice when they have a gift certificate.
  • Add the information about the delivery method according to the customer choice.
  • Add the place to write the name of the customer and recipient of the gift certificate with the detailed address and massage.
  • Add the date of issuance and the maturity date of the gift certificate.
  • You can add the reason of the gift into the certificates like if you send gifts on birthday you can mention it.
  • Your gift certificate should look wonderful and very exciting in designs.
  • The color scheme also according to the event. You can use bold colors, usually for the gift certificate template.
  • The size and shape of the gift certificate depended on you. You can add company logo and name on the gift. If the company gives the gifts to their employees.

Benefits of gift certificate template:

The gift certificate templates are used by many business organizations to increase its sales. Many companies give a gift certificate to its regular customer. The companies use gift certificate template to retain its employee it increases their motivation level of work. They work with more dedication and hard work. People use gift certificate template on different occasions like birthday, Christmas, Easter, weddings and New Year. Your friends, family members and relative become happy when they receive a gift certificate from you and get the gift of their own choice. They will get more than their expectations. The gift certificate also provides reasonable discount motivate customer to try new products which can lead to becoming a regular and loyal customer in the future.

Download this Gift Certificate Template 1

Download Gift Certificate Template 2