2 Inventory List Templates

If you are working in an office or a household you must have to prepare an inventory list that will help you to know what you have and what you want. The inventory list template is very helpful to provide an information about day-to-day inventory need by a business for its use. The inventory list keeps the record that will helpful to evaluate the income of the company. It’s also very useful in the business of trading of goods. The inventory will also useful for stock management. There are different types of inventory list templates are used in business such as list of finished goods, work in process goods list and the raw material list. We have some word and excel editable inventory list template for you which are used to help you in every matter for making an inventory list for your own business.

How to prepare inventory list

The inventory list template preparation is not an easy task. You have to prepare it very carefully. You have to consider the following instructions while preparing the inventory list:

  • First of all you have to write the name of the list on the top of the paper. Also write the date on the left corner which will helps to keep the record. The inventory list must include new and old items.
  • Make the table with rows and column to add the items of inventory.
  • Mention the name and brand name of the items.
  • Include the purchase price of the items.
  • The life of each item must be included in the list.
  • The inventory list must be updated time to time, which keeps you safe from any disturbance in the business. You can revise it after a month or six months.

Make sure that you can put all necessary information into the inventory list. Your inventory list must be flexible that you can change it easily according to condition of business.

Benefits of inventory list template

The inventory list provides the information what the company have and what they have to purchase. It will keep the track of inventory items. The inventory lists used to record all the data in the business so it will also by auditors and accountants at the time of inspection. Profit and loss also check from the inventory list like how much inventory in the business and how much inventory have been sold at what price. It keeps your business updated when you update the inventory list timely. It is also helpful at the time of shifting. The inventory list template is also useful when business claims from insurance for any loss to the inventory. With the help of an inventory list template you can easily know about the performance of the businesses. For the households inventory list you will know about what you need for your house. How much you already have. All the important items must include in the list. With the help of an inventory item list template you will know what you have to purchase. Download some good quality inventory list templates here for your professional use.

Download this Inventory List Template 1

Download this Inventory List Template 2