2 Salary Certificate Templates

The salary certificate has greater importance in the office document. The employer of the company issue salary certificate for its employees. It is a confidential document which contains the information about the employee work, designation and the company name where the employee has worked. It is the proof that the employee is a worker of this organization and organization have paid the salary for the specified time period in which he has worked this corporation. The salary certificate also contains information about the date of employment, the basic salary of employees, total earned salary for the time he has been working for this organization, any allowances received by the employee, any deductions, and net salary and at the last signatures of employer and employee. The businesses use salary certificate for different purpose, but the basic thing is validation of employee that he or she is working in this company. The salary certificate template helps the manager to managing their work. They can get the information what the employee work and how he is working. It has also given to the employee at the time of transfer from one department to other. Here we have some salary certificate in fully editable Microsoft word format. It’s really easy to use and you can change it according to your requirements.

How to make salary certificate template?

Designing of salary certificate is not an easy task, but we can help you to design the perfect salary certificate for your organization. You just have to follow the instruction below:

  • First of all you have to give the heading of your certificate as salary certificate.
  • The information includes company name and address in which employee is currently working.
  • Add the details about employer and employee. Add the job title, employee and employer name and job designation of an employee.
  • You can add the duration of job rendered by an employee and the department in which he is working.
  • The salary certificate template must have the information about the amount of salary and mode of payment.
  • You can add the information about the actual pay, gross salary and net payable amount after deducted the amount of loan, house rent in the certificate.
  • There must be signatures of the employer and employee on the salary certificate.
  • In large companies human resources department design salary certificate, but it varies company to company.

Benefits of salary certificate template:

There are many benefits of salary certificate, first of all people use this certificate to provide the information that they are an employee of a certain organization. They also use salary certificate template for applying for a loan, getting the job in any other organization, insurance providing companies also salary certificate for issuance of insurance policies. The salary certificate also used to highlights the information about the employee in different government department. People also use salary certificate template as an evidence in courts. The salary certificate department confirms that the employee is part of this company, it’s used as an evidence of relationship of employee and employer. It provides the information what you have earned during this month and this year. The salary certificate template also used for recognition the employee work. It provides the motivation to work hard. The salary certificate uses to acknowledge the work and outstanding achievements of the employee. They feel honored when they receive this kind of certificates. It is used as a certificate of appreciation for the employee who work day and night for the organization achievements.

Download this Salary Certificate Template 1

Download this Salary Certificate Template 2