2 Service Invoice Templates

If you are an owner or the employee in the service providing company then you defiantly know the importance of service invoice template. It’s also difficult to measure the service because you can’t even see and touch service. In this there are different type of service providing companies work in over society like health care institute, school, legal consultant, banker, many more.  It’s provide the assistance when you are going to do something for others and want to charge against your work. Many companies use the service invoice template as a legal document. The service invoice template provides to the buyer of the service (client) on their request by the seller (service Provider). Here we have some service invoice template in editable form you just have to edit it according to your own requirements.

How to make the service invoice template?

If you are looking to create service invoice template for the service that you have provide to your client we will help you. You just need to follow the guidelines as below:

  • At the top of the service invoice template, add the company name with full address and contact details. The service invoice must have a date and time on the left side.
  • There must be some rows and columns to enter data about which service provided to the specific customer.
  • You have to maintain some specific ID of your customer for the invoice details. Provide all details about the customer like name, address number.
  • There must be detail about items which buyer have purchased from you and the price of service that you have provided, tax deductions and the total amount
  • At the last of the service invoice template there should be the name of the person who give services from your company with company stamp and person signature.
  • Your service invoice template should be very neat and clean without any error.
  • The service invoice should be easy to understand and readable.
  • All the terms and conditions about the service must be added at the end of the service invoice.
  • If the mode of payment other than cash mentions it such as checks.

Benefits of service invoice template.

The service invoice has a number of benefits in the business. It keeps record of all the transactions of business. You can maintain and develop your service in more advance way with the help of service invoice because when you have all the records it will easy to know about the most avail services. The registered companies use the service invoice template to maintain the annual record. It will also use to maintain the credit service because it provides the details about account receivable before due date and you can easily get your money on time. People also use service invoice template to renew the service again from your company if you provide better service before. So start your service providing company and we will give you best service invoice template. You just have to click the download button and save the invoice and use it whenever you needed.

Download this Service Invoice Template

Download this Service Invoice Template 2