2 SWOT Analysis Templates

As you know the word SWOT has a great importance in business analysis. The swot analysis is used in current and new business to evaluate the business performance. The SWOT analysis is used to analyze the market to introduce the new product. It helps to evaluate long term performance of the business to see its market position by internal and external analysis. The word “SWOT” is divided in two parts S stands for internal strengths of the company, W for the internal weakness of the company, on the other hand, O stands for external opportunities of business and T is used for external threats.  The SWOT analysis template is a study of organizational positive and negative aspects. The organizational level study of SWOT analysis is very helpful for planning the new projects. It helps to let us know about market conditions mostly SWOT analysis id used in strategic planning of business, project management and organizational and individual development. It allows the business to create the new products and get competitive advantages. It’s also useful for launching new ventures. If you want to analyze your business, we will provide you complete help. Here we have some SWOT analysis template that used to know about the business and new product.

How to draw a SWOT analysis template?

If you are a businessman then it’s not difficult for you to analyze the business in a different way. We will provide you complete help for the SWOT analysis procedure. You have to follow the instruction below:

  • In the start of SWOT analysis template you have to draw the four heads. You have to give the name to the heads.
  • The first head is strength so in this you have to write about company strength that what is the main point for stand your business, what is your strengths which provide you a competitive advantage.
  • The second point is for your weaknesses, what you have to counter and what you want to cover up.
  • At the third point you have to see what your external opportunities for the business.
  • The fourth head is used for external threat, the edge of your competitors has on you.
  • You can draw SWOT analysis template by use different shapes and colors.
  • You can use bullets and marks for elaborate the points.
  • You have to make sure about all the heads are separated because it is easy for you to compare your SWOT analysis with another company position.

Benefits of SWOT analysis Template:

The SWOT analysis template is very useful analysis technique for large and small organizations. To start of every businesses planning the SWOT analysis is very important.  You have a clear view about the problems that which factors are internally and externally affecting your business. The SWOT analysis template helps to forecast business problem and provide the way to solve the problem. It also provides the information about strategies are useful for the company and helps to encounter a contemporary issue of business. The SWOT analysis helps you to maximize your business profitability by using your strength and opportunities and avoid your business weaknesses and threats.

Download this SWOT Analysis Template

Download this SWOT Analysis Template 2