2 Tenancy Contract Templates

The tenancy contract is a contract between two parties. The first party is the landlord and the other is a tenant. The landlord is the owner of the property that has right to receive rent of property and tenant is a party that get statutory rights to get accommodation of that property. The tenancy contract is a legal document and tenant and landlord signed this contract on agreed terms and conditions. It is used to secure the right of the tenant and the owner of property. Both parties should give full attention when signed the contract. Many times rental contracts are made on oral basis, but the Residential Tenancies Act must apply even if a tenancy contract isn’t in writing. The tenant contract template also called rental agreements.  The rights and responsibilities of landlord and tenant also mentioned in the contract if you need any kind of tenancy contract we will provide you a complete guideline by our sample contract. You just need to download this Microsoft word tenancy contact template from our site and you can also edit it according to your requirement.

How to create a tenancy contact template?

The tenancy contract template is not an easy task to create. The tenancy contract is made by the landlord and copy is given to the tenant before start of tenancy. Here we will provide you complete information that how to create tenant contact template:


  • First of all the tenant contact template has all the details about landlord and rented property.
  • The second important thing is the tenant who wants to get accommodation of that property.
  • The tenancy contract template has also information regarding starting and ending date of contact.
  • You can also include the detail about security deposit, monthly rent, and payment conditions.
  • The tenancy contract also has the information regarding terms and conditions of keeping the property in good condition.
  • The terms and condition about leaving the property can also mentioned in the contact from both parties e.g. If the owner want to get his property any time what are the conditions and if tenants want to leave then what are the rules.
  • The tenancy contract template also include condition about repairing and maintenance of the asset for avoiding any ambiguity.
  • One party can change the terms and conditions with the consent of other party.

Benefits of tenancy contact template:

There are lots of benefits of tenancy contract template as under. When the contract is legally signed, it will get so much importance and both parties are accountable of any misconduct. You can also use this contact to solve the clash and conflict arise between both parties. All the rules and regulations are mentioned in the contact and court will use this contact to resolve the clash. If the owner wants its property back, he will give notice to tenant according to rules and regulations.  Tenancy agreements benefit both landlords and tenants, helping to reduce the potential risk of problems or disputes. So if you are the owner or tenant, please make the tenancy contact template before renting out the property or you can download it ant time from our site that save your time as well.

Download this Tenancy Contract Template

Download this Tenancy Contract Template 2